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Airatae is a software platform that makes it easier to solve social problems. It’s built on the belief that most people want a kinder, more compassionate, and equitable world. The question is how. Two key problems – namely lack of time and money – often get in the way of people making a difference and solving the very real problems they see in their communities each day, but whose solutions remain out of reach. Airatae tries to solve this by allowing people to do things that improve their communities while earning supplemental income, if needed, as gig economy workers.

Airatae will make it easier and faster for people to find talent, materials, and funding for solving social problems in their community. The platform will allow anyone to find what they need to create the change they want depending on their situation. For individuals who have money and materials to contribute, but not time, they can either donate to a project or hire a service provider. For individuals who have time, but not the money to donate, they can offer their talent, skills, and expertise to work on projects or provide services.


Check back for more information soon.

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