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Data Collection and Analysis
  • We carry out value chain analysis to help clients understand the market constraints and opportunities in key market segments of the economy.

  • We work with multiple groups to carry out participatory need assessments in rural regions. (Hāmākua Assessment

  • We conduct system studies to help groups understand the eco-system of stakeholders, projects and activities surrounding specific economic clusters and community needs. (Hawai‘i Island Agriculture and Food System Study)

  • We work with clients and their stakeholders to conduct participatory project evaluations, measuring project impacts and identifying strategies for improvements (Colombia Health Project Evaluation). 


Program and Partnership Support
  • We design and develop public-private partnerships and collective impact initiatives, engaging multiple stakeholder groups towards a shared strategy for transformational change through multiple efforts. (Hawai'i Island Agriculture Partnership)

  • We design and incubate social enterprises that address pressing social, environmental and economic needs. (Airatae)

  • We provide consulting, planning, monitoring and evaluation for socio-economic development projects and strategies.


Training and Facilitation
  • We conduct training of trainers in market systems facilitation, building a shared understanding of the eco-systems surrounding targeted economic clusters and a framework for analysis and strategies for system change.

  • We conduct training in value chain analysis, introducing diagnostic tools and processes for analyzing the systemic constraints and market opportunities for key commodities, products and services.

  • We facilitate participatory processes to develop shared plans, project designs and impact evaluations for groups of multiple stakeholders. (Agricultural Innovation Center Collaboration Session Report; Data Summary)

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